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Suction Removal

SeaScapes specializes in the hydraulic removal of milfoil, lily pads, and surface algae. Our unique mechanical extraction process is the most efficient and effective in the Northwest. It is capable of quickly removing plants, root and stem, which makes it a far more long-lasting treatment method than hand pulling. We take great pains to remove only invasive species and all biomass that we extract is responsibly disposed of at a composting facility. We use no chemicals or harmful substances in the removal process. Help us help you restore a native aquatic ecosystem to the beautiful Northwest!

Eco-Friendly Benthic Barriers

In certain situations, it can be effective to lay down a benthic barrier (mat that rests on the bottom of the lake) over areas of potential weed growth. SeaScapes uses non-toxic biodegradable benthic barriers that ensure a safe place for recreation for you and your family. We handle all associated permitting and our practices are compliant with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations.

 How we Bid & Estimate

We bid jobs on a flat rate basis. Removal cost is based on the estimated time and size of the property, our team will provide a flat rate price prior to removing milfoil from your property.

Call or e-mail us to speak with a team member and arrange a FREE ESTIMATE.